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Office Party

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What government engagement looks like

So I signed a petition at We the People about making government archives available digitally. I like the work that Carl Malamud and Yes We Scan are doing, so why not, right? I thought we’d get some kind of perfunctory “Thanks for writing, we’re glad for the feedback, etc.” response and that’d be the end of it.

I was surprised, then, when I saw a thoughtful and substantial response from the Archivist. I even tweeted about it:

And I promptly forgot about it, again.

But yesterday, I get this email:


Here’s an agency that knows there’s a community of interest around a particular topic and instead of dismissing it, or filing their petition away somewhere, they’re engaging with it — and in the most time-consuming way possible: with a real-life, interactive conference call. I am totally impressed.

The Knickerbocker: 1909

Related: the history of the name Knickerbocker is much more interesting than you’d think.

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The Only Chart You Need To Mix A Proper Cocktail


Cocktails and visualizations. Right up my alley.


Fixed-width or monospace fonts in Sparrow

If you’ve been playing around with the Sparrow email application, like me, and you’ve been enjoying it, like me, and you’re a geek, like me, then its rigorous use of Arial everywhere probably drives you crazy. Like me.

Thanks to Vinicius Horewicz, with the penchant for lolcats talk, the problem is solved.

  1. Close Sparrow
  2. Wander over to /Applications/
  3. Make a backup of message-editing.css and conversations.css.
  4. Edit message-editing.css, replace font-family in the body stanza with your favorite font. For me, that’s Liberation Mono.
  5. Edit conversations.css, replace font-family in the div.-sparrow-messageBody and div.-sparrow-quickReplyTextContents with your favorite font.
  6. Restart Sparrow.
  7. Feel a little closer to your mutt, pine, and Mailx roots.
// message-editing.css
body { font-family: Liberation Mono; }
// conversation.css
div.-sparrow-messageBody { font-family: Liberation Mono; }
div.-sparrow-quickReplyTextContents { font-family: Liberation Mono; }

For the treehouse file


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Flowchart: Choosing an open source license

Open source license flowchart

Jokes. But still kinda useful, actually.

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