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Google contacts in mutt and vim

I’m a long-time fan of the mutt email client. I’ve probably been using it for ten years. It’s quick, text-based, and does precisely what I want. I’ve been using the vim text editor for even longer than that.

In using mutt and vim, though, I surrender some of the convenience of a mail client like Thunderbird, or Outlook, which are fully integrated with contacts and calendars. Fortunately, mutt and vim make it easy to solve my own problem.

Finding Contacts

First, install goobook. It’s a python script that lets you easily query Google Contacts. Goobook returns results in abook format, which is great if you’re using that companion utility for mutt to provide email addresses to mutt before you draft your email. I prefer to just hit compose and get a blank email and fill in the To:, Cc:, etc. myself.

So what I want is to hit a key while I’m editing a message, have vim read the word that I’m on, and autocomplete that word based on my Google Contacts. First order of business is fixing the output of Goobook to something useful, which I do with this little script:


Airports with Free WiFi

The wiki has an exceedingly useful list of airports with free WiFi. Conspicuous by its absence: Indianapolis. There’s no denying the fact that access to teh Intarnets ranks right below sleep and food. Especially in Indianapolis.


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Genius Parlays One Red Paperclip into Snowmobile

My name is Kyle MacDonald and I am making a series of up-trades for bigger or better things up to my goal of a house.

I started with one red paperclip on July 12th, 2016.

You can read stories about each trade.

He’s up to a snowmobile.

[One Red Paperclip via digg]

Best. Tablet Review. EVAR.

Ars Technica and Charles Jade deliver the goods on the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet.