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Open Source Pork

The adorably named “Snort” project has been the mainstay of open source intrusion detection systems for as long as I can remember. The success of Snort and its commercial wing, SourceFire, is one of the early successes of open source, especially in security. On July 5th, the Open Information Security Foundation, a consortium of companies and government agencies who want to experiment with new approaches to the IDS problem, released version 1.0 of their Suricata project. It’s great to see government agencies make use of the open source development process to collaborate with the private sector and advance technology in this important niche of the security ecosystem. But so far, the story is pretty boring.

But wait! It’s not boring at all, because at the same time as Suricata is released, the Washington Post’s Top Secret Nation series is running. A pall suddenly falls over every aspect of government, especially in security, and especially for Dana Blankenhorn of ZDNet. “Private open source security is not amused,” and neither is Blankenhorn, who is quickly becoming my favorite source of new material: